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Get Balanced With Dr Marissa Pei

Feb 14, 2018

On her annual visit for Valentines otherwise known as SAD Single Awareness Day Dr. Pat Allen explains why strong women are still unmarried and why men who are attracted to strong women are wusses. In her characteristic no nonsense way, Dr. Pat uses science to support the biology in relationships between the feminine and the masculine Yang Yang energy and how feminism has upset that balance. She explains why kids parents and society are now in trouble because of the loss in valuing stay at home nurturing moms.This 83 year young Patricia practices what she preaches and is currently self-discloses as a cougar, dating a 65 year young man.
Dr. Marissa gets emotional when she gets a congratulatory complimentary beautiful call from her big brother also known as Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Founder of Agape International Spiritual Center, who is one of the main reasons why Dr. Marissa is celebrating 300 consecutive weeks on the air. His kind words and endorsement give rise to tears of gratitude and appreciation. Happy Valentines Happy Chinese New Year AND Happy 300 shows! Episode sponsored by Cypress Car Spa where for this Valentines week you get three dollars off any wash and 20$ off any detail if you mention Dr. Marissa