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Get Balanced With Dr Marissa Pei

Nov 6, 2018

Lorraine Ell is the CEO of Better Money Decisions (B$D) and Better Insurance Decisions. As co-owner of B$D, she is excited to continue her long career as an investment professional which started when she worked in the 1980s as an advisor with Drexel, Burnham and Lambert and J.W. Charles and as Co-owner of a Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm.

Author of the book, Bozos, Monsters and Whiz-bangs: Bad advice From Financial Advisors and How to Avoid it!, Lorraine is also frequently quoted in MarketWatch, Investment News, Investor’s Business Daily, Yahoo Finance, and The Wall Street Journal.

Dr. Marissa talks candidly with Lorraine about why investing is still important even after the losses in 2008.

The book is full of cautionary tales for Boomers about working with the wrong financial advisor. She definitely focuses on the idea of money and abundance, and how money helps people live the life they dream of!