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Get Balanced With Dr Marissa Pei

Sep 19, 2017

Marking National Concussion Awareness Day (every 3rd Friday in September), Dr. Marissa invites Oz Schaefer, President of the Center for Brain Health to educate us. The most common causes of concussions are sports injuries (football, hockey, rugby, basketball, etc.), bicycle accidents, car accidents, and falls. At least 25% of concussion sufferers fail to get assessed by medical personnel. In the US, athletes suffer from roughly 300,000 concussions every year.  Disturbingly, 40% of kids with concussions are misdiagnosed at the sideline,  cleared and sent back into the game. Because of these facts, Oz Schaefer invented the Brain Reader, an affordable device that accurately assesses if someone has a concussion.  His personal helpful quest earns him Dr. Marissa's Beneficial Presence on the Planet Award.  Episode sponsored by