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Get Balanced With Dr Marissa Pei

Aug 14, 2018

After a grueling amazing wonderful launch week for Dr.Marissa’s new book “8 Ways to Happiness from Wherever You Are”, Dr. Marissa shares her great news with 2 friends who are great examples of advocates for women supporting women who have been important supporters during this process. Dr. Marissa did not make the top 100...BUT she made the TOP 10 in 2 very tough categories and also won three book awards! Alena Chapman‘s interview with Dr. Marissa can be found on YouTube. Alena is the international best-selling author of the Prison Effect helping people unblock past pain and Erin Saxton‘s journey through TV production with big shows makes her expertise in media invaluable. Be sure to sign up for her course Dating the Media at And join Alena’s Savvy Sisterhood group on FB!  Dr. Marissa gives great-fullness of gratitude to all those who supported her in this book journey to 8 Ways to Happiness including all 18 of her endorsers and Fern’s Garden, Tattered Covers and Barnes and Noble. Episode sponsored by and